Fly & Pest Control on the Sheep Farm

What Does All Natural and Sustainable Look Like on the Sheep Farm When It Comes to Fly Control?

At Shady Hill Farms and High Meadow Skin Care, we talk a lot about being all natural and sustainable. That is one of our deepest commitments. Yes at our farm, as at any other farm, there are flies. Kind of goes with the territory.

How do we control flies, naturally and sustainably?

Well for the past several years we have been successfully controlling the fly population by attaching the flies with other harmless insects known as fly predators. The predators are shipped in from a lab in Nevada, with 15 to 30 k predators per shipment, in a plastic bag like the one shown.

As the predators start to emerge and move around in the plastic bag, we spread the contents of the bag in areas where there is sheep manure and moisture and voila. The predators which are small and innocuous, emerge and they then attack the fly larvae on the farm and prevent the emergence of the fly population.

Kind of like attacking fire with fire.