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I'm a guy. I don't know much about skin creams. But I use -- and love -- this High Meadow cream. It's a natural product, made the lanolin extracted from sheep's wool. The man who started the company evidently has a flock of sheep in Ohio. And this stuff is great on my hands and, honestly, anything that is chapped, dry or needs clearing up. Can't recommend it more highly.


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I love how hydrating this skin cream is. And it’s cruelty free! What a great find.


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The High Meadow Skin Creme is an outstanding product. I cannot recommend it more highly.


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This lanolin cream is amazing! Monthly pedicures were a way of life until coronavirus. I haven't been in a year ad had severely dry feet as a result. After 5 days of use my feet have become soft, even on my heels! This was no small feet! Couldn't help myself! Anyway, after putting on the cream, I was surprised that it was not slippery whatsoever. It actually felt like a moisture boost and a protective coating that was actually the opposite of slippery on the tile. If you are looking to heal some dry or chapped skin, this is a perfect choice!


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My husband who suffers from cracking dry hands is amazed by this product AND his hands look 10 years younger. He's only been using it for a week and already has substantial relief.


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I recently was burned badly in a car fire. My skin is healing but very tight and uncomfortable. This product has been amazing. It doesn't aggravate my very sensitive new skin. It has softened and helped heal. I highly recommend it.


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I ordered this cream after using another brand product of pure lanolin, which is a very good product but different than this. I was surprised at how un-greasy this cream is after use --- no slick oily results at all!!! It is ideal for using on dry hands or rough skin patches that are unpleasant but I hate the slimy feeling of many lotions or creams. This stuff is light but impervious protection for skin that needs moisture, without icky residue. I am so far extremely impressed, but have only had it a couple of days. So far, I am a happy and fortunate lover of this stuff!


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My dog had a spot that was like shoe leather and I used this cream on it every day. It really worked! Great stuff!


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My daughter has had severe eczema since birth and we have used every single natural cream, lotion, oil etc to try to help heal it it or calm it. At 18 mos, after many dietary changes and gut healing, it is hugely improved but still can be very itchy and I’ve been trying to find something that would just help keep moisture in & calm it when it gets really itchy. I was excited to stumble upon High Meadows Skin Cream and even more so when I tried it out.

I like that it keeps my daughters itchy skin moisturized, and when she has a fit of itchiness I can put it on her legs and instantly calm them. A little bit goes a long way. 1 small container lasted at least 3 weeks and used 2-3x a day on her arms and legs. Compared to everything else I’ve tried, its definitely the most long-lasting and cost-effective. On top of that, I’ve ruined to many of her clothes because of all the oils I’ve tried & this cream absorbs instantly with no residue. It doesn’t heal the eczema, but the relief that it offers is just as valuable.


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I loved your lotion, and gave it as a gift to my friend who loved it, too!


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Bought all 3 and really really liked them as well and better than any lotion I have ever tried.


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I love your lotion because it isn’t greasy and it really works!


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I am a farmer and your lotion has helped my hands heal & prevents them from cracking. Good stuff!


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It is dry hands weather again, and my hands are dried out and uncomfortable. I work with my hands and its not easy working as hard as I do with dried out, cracked hands.

Imagine my delight when I applied your HMSC product to my hands a couple of times and the dried out cracked up condition of my hands was cured. It is indeed a wonderful miracle.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product that cures my hands in dry hands weather!


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Wow! That stuff (HMSC) really works! I am a 70-year-old man who farms and works part time at the local co-op. I am outside a lot and I work with my hands all day every day.

Ben Calkins is a customer at the co-op and offered me a sample of his HMSC. Can’t wait to get my hands on more of it as I used it on my rough, fissured hands and with only a few applications my all of the cuts and bruises on my hands healed up and my hands were baby soft, like new, again.

After using HMSC and seeing how it works, I would never try anything else.


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High Meadow Skin Cream has proven to be the most effective solution to my daughters’ sensitive skin. On both hands and face this cream has cleared up rashes and rough skin problems she has had since youth. I am the mother of seven children and highly recommend this quality natural cream as a solution for any skin issues.

This cream has also become my skin cream of choice. I use it daily and am very happy with the results.


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As a health care professional, I am required to wash my hands repeatedly. Honestly – and I am not kidding – I probably wash my hands 20 to 30 times a day!

What a complete and total dream come true it is to have your HMSC for my hands. I apply your product once in the morning and it soothes and smooths my hands. And as the naturally occurring lanolin on which your product is based repels water, my hands are protected from water damage and chapping despite being washed 20 to 30 times a day.

There isn’t a health care professional out there who doesn’t need and won’t want your product!

Thank you so much for rescuing my hands from… daily water torture!


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I am a 70-year-old wife, mother and grandmother and office manager living in Northeast Ohio.

Ben Calkins gave me a sample of the HMSC to try and quite honestly right now I cannot be without it!

I am absolutely delighted that the folks at SHF have decided to make HMSC generally available! Over the years I have tried literally everything! No skin care products heals, smooths and softens the skin like HMSC.


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High Meadow Skin Cream is the most wonderful and truly effective skin care product I have ever used! I apply it daily and it literally rejuvenates and refreshes my skin.

Thank you for bringing out a product that does everything I had hoped it would do and then some.

I’ve tried many skin care products that cost much more money than HMSC, but none that were more valuable from the standpoint of performance and results!


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Moisturizes without being greasy. Best cuticle cream I've found since Sally Hansen stopped making Diamond Cuticle + Nail Creme.


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I recently developed eczema and tried so many things for it. I really didn't want to go to the dermatologist for some steroid cream that's really not good for your body. I finally saw an article about lanolin and bought some pure lanolin. It worked, but was so sticky and messy. Then I found this, and it's been amazing. Honestly, it's the only cream that has helped my eczema. And it's great because it dries and is not greasy at all. It somehow seals in the moisture so that your skin can heal. I've also started having my teenage son use it on his face before and after swimming because it was getting so dried out from the chlorine. Highly recommend.


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Love this product! Thought the texture would be too thick as a face cream, but its surprising how light it is. I will never go with another moisturizer!


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I ordered this on a whim... and it has become a staple in my house. It works for the dry corners of my eyes, the rash on my young sons nose and face from having a cold, and for dry lips. It sinks in completely and leaves a slight moisturizing film but it’s not greasy or oily and doesn’t stain pillowcases. It just feels like a protective layer while being deeply moisturizing. I’m about to order 3 more because of how well it works.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was a little surprised at first at the size of the container, but don't let that fool you - a little bit goes a long, long way. I've been using just a small skim on my hands, and love it. Great feeling, great moisturizer, naturally, with no greasy residue!


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Nice product. I am using it on my face to protect it while skiing and for moisturizing after cosmetic peelings. Has a pleasant light scent and isn't greasy. Using it to moisturize boyfriend's scary feet as well.