Lanolin Skin Cream for Dry Skin

Are your hands chapped or dry? Experience the rejuvenating and nourishing properties of lanolin cream for dry skin.

What Causes Dry Skin & Why Do I Need Dry Skin Hand Cream?

You may be asking yourself, why do I need lanolin cream for dry skin? It may be summer or maybe your hands aren’t dry. Dry skin can happen anytime and is a result of a decrease in a skin oil called sebum that creates a natural barrier for your skin. This oil is necessary to keep the skin lubricated and moist - thus the need for a moisturizer for dry skin.

Your skin gets dry when there is a decrease in this natural oil barrier, and water can easily evaporate through the skin. Dry skin causes can be both external and internal, but external causes are the most common, and can be the easiest to address.

Dry Skin Factors & Causes:

  • Excessive Showering in treated water
  • Frequent Hand Washing
  • Low Humidity
  • Cold, Dry weather in winter months
  • Aging

lanolin cream for dry skin

Buy Pure Lanolin Cream for Dry Skin

When you’re suffering from dry skin, you want immediate relief. High Meadow’s Lanolin cream for dry skin utilizes the natural water-repellent and moisturizing properties made of our natural Lanolin straight from our Shady Hills Farm.

All of our Lanolin is ethically sourced and made here in the United States of America. You can trust our lanolin dry skin cream to prevent and repair dry skin so you never have to worry about cracks, stings, pain, or discomfort.

lanolin for dry skin

See Why our Customers Love Pure Lanolin Cream for Dry Skin

"It is dry hands weather again, and my hands are dried out and uncomfortable. I work with my hands and it's not easy working as hard as I do with dried out, cracked hands. Imagine my delight when I applied your HMSC product to my hands a couple of times and the dried out cracked up condition of my hands was cured. It is indeed a wonderful miracle. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product that cures my hands in dry hands weather!"

Roy – Kirtland, OH

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