How Do We Grass Feed Our Sheep When Farming in Ohio?

At Shady Hill Farms, we grass feed our folks of sheep. And it is the grass feeding that contributes to the high Omega 3's in our High Meadow Skin Care products.

So, you might ask or at least wonder, how do we grass feed our sheep when we farm in Ohio which has snow and sometimes lots of snow in Winter?

First, we keep the sheep outside and they can continue to graze our fields after the snow starts to fly.The sheep enjoy finding the grass amidst a dusting of newly fallen snow. And then there is hay, and plenty of it. See the attached photographs of this year's first cutting hay harvest!!!!!

Grass feeding sheep in Cleveland, OHCutting Hay in Cleveland, OHKeeping our sheep fed in Cleveland, OH

We literally took 60 1,200 lb. round bales off of our pastures in June, as the first cutting.This equates to 30 to 40 tons of hay that we can store and feed in the Winter.

And we are not done yet, assuming we get some rain and there is rain in the forecast this weekend, we will get a second and perhaps even a third cutting, rich in legumes, which we will harvest in small square bales for the ewes as they approach lambing and lactation.